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Road Angel Gem+

The most advanced speed management device

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Feature Rich

In addition to the most accurate warnings of approaching safety cameras, Road Angel Gem+ has up to date road speeds and a wide range of accessories.

Unique to Gem+

The safety camera detector uses mobile technology that allows you to automatically receive regular updates to the camera database. You can even share the LIVE locations of safety camera vans using 'CameraShareTM' and inform us of new or revised road speeds with 'SpeedShareTM'. This innovative technology utilises the vast ROAD ANGEL community to create a digital road-speed map of Britain.

Alerts to safety cameras
Gem+ will alert you to fixed, mobile, average and red light cameras as well as danger zones such as schools & level crossings.
Road speed limits
Gem+ clearly displays the appropriate speed of the road you're travelling on, and continuously reads the speed of your vehicle to alert you if you are over the limit.
Road and vehicle categorisation
Tailor your alerts to suit the road and vehicle that you're travelling in.

Why choose Road Angel Gem+ Deluxe?

  • The UK's No. 1 safety camera and blackspot alert system
  • Displays legal speed limits of roads travelled
  • Automatic updates to the safety camera database every few minutes, as you drive
  • SpeedShareTM feature that allows you to suggest new or revised road speeds
  • CameraShareTM feature that allows you to share the locations
    of LIVE safety camera vans
  • Sleek design with full colour, easy to use interface that you can customise to your taste
  • Full range of Gem+ accessories included